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This page is dedicated to informing all visitors of the Emilia Clarke Fan Blog about our privacy policy, an extremely important subject for you and us as well.

On this page you will find information about the collection, use, distribution, and rights of your personal data, as well as our security precautions and procedures in case of data breach.

Content managed DIRECTLY by Emilia Clarke Fan Blog

Here is how we treat your data managed directly by us.

  1. No personal information from our visitors or customers is marketed or exchanged with third parties. This also applies to any data provided, regardless of how you contact us.
  2. Parts of emails and contact messages can be used as reference in our text, image, audio and video contents. This will always be done with express prior authorization of the visitor or client, otherwise the privacy and anonymity of the same will be preserved in the disclosure.
  3. We do not use the data collected with the emails and contact messages to send in bulk content not previously authorized by them. That is, we do not SPAM!
  4. Only the comments are visible to all visitors of the Emilia Clarke Fan Blog, their real name or chosen username will be made public to all, if your comment is approved for moderation of the site. There is no possibility of anonymous comments on this site. This specific personal data is hosted and administered by third parties, such as Facebook and DISQUS, which have their own policies.

Content managed by THIRD PARTIES

Our site has third parties to provide advertising, comments, statistics, contact forms and chat, e-mail newsletter and social networks, among other services and tools.


Our site may use cookies and / or web beacons when a user has access to the pages. The cookies that can be used are associated (if applicable) solely with the browser of a certain computer.

The cookies that are used in this site may be installed by the same, which originate from the different servers operated by this, or from the third party servers that provide services and install cookies and / or web beacons (for example, cookies that are employees to provide advertising services or certain content through which the user views advertising or pre-determined content).

The user can search the hard drive of his computer as instructed by the browser itself. User has the possibility to configure their browser to be warned, on the computer screen, about the reception of cookies and to prevent their installation on the hard disk. Information pertaining to this configuration is available in the browser instructions and manuals.

More information about cookies can be found at this site:

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Your rights to your personal data

You have the right to request the complete removal of all your data hosted by us on our site.

You can also request an extract of all data collected by us on our website, if you have a direct account in it.

Other hosted content or request for extracts from third parties, should be treated directly with these third parties.

Our safety precautions

Here at Emilia Clarke Fan Blog we take all possible safety precautions within our structural, financial, legal, and other limits.

Our site uses secure connection, with encryption (SSL) with the “https://” protocol to guarantee the traffic of data between the visitor and our servers.

We give preference to use for renowned services and tools, which also maintains strong security policies, as well as constantly updating their systems.

We are always investing in improving our data security, as well as advising visitors to do the same also while browsing our or other websites.

Our Data Violation Procedures

As soon as any vulnerability or breach of sensitive data or people of our visitors or customers through our website is detected, we will immediately attempt to resolve the problem to avoid future damages.

It will also be informed in a clear and public manner what data were leaked, when it was, who was harmed, who is responsible for the problem (if known), and recommended measures to minimize the impacts of such occurrence.

Violation of data of our visitors or customers on platforms or systems of third parties will also be informed, but the responsibility and procedures that will be adopted are solely and exclusively of their own, and do not interfere with us.


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