Emilia Clarke recreates stock images for Vanity Fair

Recently Emilia Clarke has appeared in Vanity Fair magazine, earning the cover and an article in the newest edition of 2018, where we can read a little about the life of the actress, her characters and latest projects.

However, what attracted even attention from the public was a video in which the actress participated, where Emilia makes a photo essay recreating classic images found in banks of images of the Internet.

Unlike her traditional TV and film roles, such as Daenerys Targaryen and Qi’ra, here Emilia Clarke is playing Barbara, a businesswoman who goes through the most diverse situations, as we see in the photos shown in the video.

The grace here is because these images are usually produced with exaggerated situations and emotions, which leaves them with a funnier tone in many cases.

Adding to the fact that Emilia Clarke does not normally play and acts for projects like this, coupled with the great charisma and natural humor of the actress, it is difficult not to like these pictures reproduced with her.

Another curious detail for many is seeing the behind the scenes (the making of), especially as the actress and her colleagues prepare to make that final image the way we see it.

Finally, Clarke also comments in the video itself that doing the rehearsal was a great experience for her, and that has raised her levels to another level, something she will not forget to have done.