Emilia Clarke attends eyebrow competition at The Graham Norton Show

In 2015, as one of the guests on The Graham Norton Show, Emilia Clarke told the public a little more about one of her most notable physical features, her eyebrows.

Asked by the presenter if her mother had already talked to her about her eyebrows, Emilia replies that her mother always said, “Do not touch them.”

Another curious fact also revealed by her, is that she has already suffered some bullying at school because of eyebrows, but it was worth it.

However, the coolest moment of the conversation, which also featured the presence of Cara Delevingne, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, was the “eyebrow competition” held among artists with this striking feature.

With very nice faces of every actor and actress participating to make the eyebrows move, it was up to Schwarzenegger to be the judge and to elect the winner of this super-informal competition.

At that moment Emilia turns and tells Arnold “I do not want to say anything, but we’ve done a movie together…”, referring to Terminator: Genesis, where both were cast members. The result could not have been otherwise, Emilia Clarke is given as the winner of the competition.

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