Brad Pitt offered $120.000 for a night with Emilia Clarke!

You did not read the title wrong, and neither is it clickbait!

The world-famous actor Brad Pitt, recently married to also famous actress Angelina Jolie, offered $120,000 for a night with actress Emilia Clarke.

The amount was given during an auction at the Sean Penn & Friends Haiti Rising Gala 2018, and was to take the lot which guaranteed a luxury dinner + a special session of Game Of Thrones accompanied by Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington.

The initial value of the batch was $20,000, but quickly rose to $80,000 with Pitt’s bid, which increased further to $120,000 after confirmation that Kit Harington would also participate.

Unfortunately Brad Pitt missed the opportunity to take Mother of the Dragons and King of the North for a special night, as an anonymous one gave a $160,000 bid and ended up taking the lot.

After some time of this event, Emilia Clarke was present again at The Graham Norton Show, where she commented on how to go through the experience of “trying to be bought by Brad Pitt“.

Soon as the subject is approached in the program Clarke already starts joking saying “That was the best night of my life!”.

The interview continues and the actress goes on to tell how everything happened, from the time she worked out what she would offer on the lot until the moment she realized that Brad Pitt was taking the cards to bid and started to laugh.

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